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What Our Clients Are Saying

"In today's business marketplace, we must be able to create a quality product in record time. This is a goal that The Nuvo Group is consistently able to attain much to everyone's satisfaction."

"Besides being fun and easy to work with, it's their willingness to perform"

"There's a peace of mind that the process is being done correctly. They have so much experience that they can catch things in the document on their own and can fix them right there for us."

"They just get it right."

"They're just a really great and genuine bunch of people — real people. You're working directly with the guys who do the work themselves, and they do a great job, and you love who they are."

"They have an open door policy. You can literally, while you're there, just walk over to their desks and get any change done right away. At other printers, you have to go to the customer service desk; you don't have that accessibility."

"When I've had to work with other printers, I know I have to pay extra attention and give additional instruction because they don't know what's important to me. And every change takes longer than when you're working with the guys at Nuvo."

"The ultimate value is the customer service, the superior product and the surety of execution."

"The ultimate value is the customer service, the superior product and the surety of execution."

"The Nuvo Group are people of integrity — they do not just tell you what you may want to hear. Their employees will see a project through, from start to finish, and will not run out the door."

"These are people you work very closely with; you know they are reliable, and you can depend on them at all hours of the day."

“For EDGAR SEC filings, The Nuvo Group helps us to focus on the strict timeframes that have been established by the SEC. We have a cut-off time of 5:30 PM for a same-day filing and 10:00 PM for a next-day filing. If we miss the 10 o’clock hour, we are then looking at a 6:00 AM deadline the next morning. It is compulsory that our Nuvo handlers maintain speed and accuracy for EDGARizing documents. They are quite proficient at making last-minute edits in order to help us meet industry established deadlines. Fred has stated that 5:30 and 10:00 PM are referred to as “fire drill” times, when the project must be done — no ifs, ands or buts!”